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You may notice something missing...

Actually, every photograph that included a human being, and all my journal entries (before this). The 1800 images are in storage, the journals deleted. It's been very increasingly rare over the past few years that I've had time to share work (old or new), and there are a number of unresolvable tensions between my newer life and career and my old forms of expression. I think this is my way of saying that I really won't be able to share photos any more, new or old (I've left a few shots of animals and nature for now). At some point I will make a quiet and complete exit, but until then:

Thank you to the three thousand people who watch me as of tonight.
Thank you to the two million pairs of eyes that visited my pages.
Thank you for all the thoughtful, supportive comments.
Thank you for always making my amateur work feel so appreciated.
Thank you to the models who freely gave me their time and likeness.
Thank you to :spyed: and those who created and run this site
(it's an impossible job, and an absurd achievement).
Thank you to all the amazing artists who have shared their work here for my pleasure.
Thank you for your patience with my being and leaving.
It's been a great eight years.

Take care.

  • Listening to: "I Disappear" -Metallica
  • Reading: The Long Goodbye -Raymond Chandler
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ShamanofShadows Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
I for one, do not understand why you would take such good work off the site, but if that is your decision, so be it.  Good luck to you in the future.
Quazu Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Student Filmographer
This is heart breaking.
somni-ferum Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Professional Photographer
Damn - a little disappointed to be sure. I've been enjoying your work ever since - actually before you joined DA. Sad to see you go, hope you can come to some sort of reconciliation with your passion and what must be your partner in order to keep creating and sharing one day. I've luckily been blessed in both my marriages to have had encouraging partners who have even participated either behind or in front of the lens with me. Naturally after countless relationships, I kind of looked for that sort of thing in a woman - but love is love. Hope you are at least able to continue to express yourself in one way or another, if you aren't able to get your creativity thirst quenched life goes bad. Good luck with everything! I'm glad at least that I can still enjoy your work as I've downloaded everything I fancy - no worries about me using them badly my friend. Only to admire and inspire. Cheers! Nat (formerly of Ottawa Canada ;)
kindlight Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
Thank you, Nat. No, my partner is perfectly supportive (we met on a photo shoot!). The issues are my career, age, new baby, location, age... and I just don't have the time now.
somni-ferum Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Professional Photographer
Understood - we have the same issues ... two little ones, but we still occasionaly shoot and post. Even doing a little professional paid work now on the side as well. Still wish you had kept your gallery active though ;) Hope you get the time and drive to shoot again. The Ottawa area is filled with great places to shoot. Cheers - until next time.
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